Aims and Scope

The goal of the Journal of Animal Science Research is to promote the knowledge of animal science by publishing the results of novel researches in the field of animal science, which mainly involves in poultry, ruminants, horse, aquatics, and honey bee species. Also, studies on laboratory animals and animal models that address fundamental questions related to livestock are welcomed. Acceptable field of studies included: genetic and animal breeding; genetic engineering; immunogenetics; biotechnology; nutrigenomics; nutrition and metabolism; metabolic diseases; feed technology; body composition; energetics; growth; physiology; endocrinology; immunology; reproduction and fertility; animal products (milk, meat, honey, and eggs);   livestock economics (challenge analysis);  livestock  management; animal behavior and welfare;    livestock farming systems;  animal sustainability and resource management; digestive system microbiology and  ecology of animal and poultry; new advances in animal hygiene and technologies;  animal ecology, conservation  and range; animal husbandry and environment.